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Yamaha MT-125

Yamaha's Hyper Naked models have totally shaken up the world of motorcycling. With their radical style, thrilling torque and ultra-cool image, the MT's deliver pure riding emotion....

£ 4,299 +OTR

Yamaha MT-03

The lure of the Dark Side of Japan grows stronger every day. And more riders are turning their backs on conventional models and coming over to one of the most exciting new movement...

£ 4,999 +OTR

Yamaha MT-07

Inspired by the Dark Side of Japan, the MT-07 has taken Europe by storm – and is now one of Yamaha's best-selling bikes of all time. And it's easy to see why so many riders have ...

£ 6,349 +OTR

Yamaha MT-09

The motorcycle that changed everything has evolved into an even sharper and more technologically advanced Hyper Naked - and this dynamic MT-09 is built to inspire today's generatio...

£ 8,199 +OTR

Yamaha MT-09 SP

The forces at work in the Dark Side of Japan can never stand still. Our exclusive MT-09 SP is the latest Hyper Naked to join Yamaha's best-selling range. And with its premium speci...

£ 8,999 +OTR

Yamaha MT-10

Power. Torque. Agility. The MT-10 is the one you've been waiting for. It's by far the most powerful Hyper Naked we have ever created. And the time has come for you to enter the nex...

£ 11,299 +OTR

Yamaha MT-10 Tourer

We've taken the most powerful Hyper Naked that we've ever built, and added a range of specially developed equipment that gives you the potential to run even harder and longer on ev...

£ 11,849 +OTR

Yamaha MT-10 SP

A new burst of darkness is coming - and once you experience the MT-10 SP's total performance, you will instantly know that you have truly entered the Dark Side of Japan. This spec...

£ 13,999 +OTR